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Our Story

Our story begins with Stalin and the Goodies... 

I loved a café called Tap and I loved their paper stamp card, which I’ve kept in my wallet for years as inspiration. I’m not 100% sure but it looked like the stamp was Stalin on the bike ridden by the Goodies. 

Stalin and the Goodies

It had as much character and fun as Tap and it worked. It created a nice bond each time I got it stamped, and I enjoyed getting rewarded for my loyalty.

But, as much as I loved it, I knew it was an analogue solution in a digital world.

Fewer and fewer of us carry wallets and, if we do, we usually lose our loyalty cards. We expect everything to be mobile. At the places we love, we’re looking for more engagement in the shape of new products and personalised offers.

Loyalty Card

I looked at the Starbucks app and wondered why so few high-street businesses have access to effective mobile loyalty apps

We love the businesses, places and experiences on the high street. We want to celebrate local businesses and level the playing field by bringing big-business loyalty and marketing tools to every outlet at a price they can afford.

We’re continually looking for ways to help you engage with your existing customers and develop excellent relationships with new clients.

We’ve built a great team with some of the best talent from across the UK, including our equity partners, Arkitec. We’re super-proud to be born in London, designed in Glasgow and built in Newcastle. Together, we’ve got over 30 years’ experience in creating solutions for high-street businesses.

We always work to the following principles:

  1. Simple, fun and effective – we’ve harnessed everything we love about stamp cards

  2. A no-brainer to use – no instructions; onboard within seconds

  3. Marketing tools that align with your business goals – no graphs for graphs’ sake

  4. Affordable – no solution is effective if it doesn’t work within the constraints of your business

Long live the stamp card!

We believe these principles have helped us create the first local loyalty app that meets the requirements of your business and customers. We hope you do too!


Rory, Bryks founder.

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